Ullambana Day

Many Monks and Buddhists followers have gathered at Lieu Quan center yearly in the seventh month of the lunar year to observe and pray in the Ullambana Ceremony. Here fellow Buddhists will have another chance to listen to the Dharma talk from the respectful Reverend in the area. After that was the praying ceremony. Following the praying, Buddhists with trays of goods offered to the Monks and humbly asked the monks to pray for their parents, and every beings to have a happy and peaceful live. In the Afternoon, there was a praying ceremony for all souls of the unknown ghosts with no friends and relatives, for the spirits of soldiers, people who died in accidents or disasters to guide them to Pure Land.

Years Photos
2020- Lieu Quan Ullambana 2020 - Lieu Quan
2020- Metta Tam Tu Ullambana 2020 - Metta Tam Tu
2019 - Lieu Quan Ullambana 2019 - Lieu Quan
2019- Metta Tam Tu Ullambana 2019 - Metta Tam Tu
2018 - Lieu Quan Ullambana 2018 - Lieu Quan
2018 - Metta Tam Tu Ullambana 2018 - Metta Tam Tu

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